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Lynn's Pet Beds and Crate Pads

green bed

BrightStar Bichons love these beds with this new velour fabric.


Your pet bed will be 100% machine washable and dryable.

Top fabric is Velour*, bottom of the bed fabric is unreal lambskin (sherpa)

blue bed
pink bed
purple bed


An applique of your breed is optional at a $5 additional cost**  


Pet Beds are Ideal for cats or dogs  

Price is $1.00/inch...size is measured by the diameter of your finished bed 

Small: Approximately  25"

Med:  Approximately  30"

Large: Approximately 36"

* = Your choice of colors available or send me fabric that matches your bedroom or living room decor.

 ** = Not all breeds are available.  e-mail me and we can discuss your breed. 

FMI or to place an order:  e-mail:

Crate Pads

green crate pad
blue crate pad
Your choice of fabric and applique - #200 size (above) is $18.00

Sample Appliques



Sample Velour Fabrics

velour fabric

FMI or to place an order:  e-mail: