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Updated: January 29, 2018

Pups For Sale

Please contact us at paray9065@aol.com or traypittman12@gmail.com or

call us at 916-947-9065


Adult females and males available please inquire.

New litter due in February, 2018.

Inquires invited.


Paray Sheltie Breeder of Merit

Contact Tray Pittman at paray9065@aol.com or call at 916-947-9065

Sheltie Puppies Available in All Colors

June 18, 2016:

Paray Shelties for Sale CA

Sire: GCH. PaRay's Paramount


Paray Shelties for Sale CA

Sire: GCH. PaRay's Paramount


PaRay's Shelties for Sale CA

Dam: PaRay's Pashmina [ Daughter of BISS GCH. PaRay's Cambridge ROM]


Announced April 12, 2016 - NEW Sheltie LITTER DUE





New litter of sable and white Sheltie puppies [ Females & Males]


Sire: PaRay's Preferred Stock [ Son of BIS BISS GCH. PaRay's Preferential ROM CC]

Dam: Paray's Vivacious [ A daughter of Ch. Court at PaRay of Do Quixote ROM]


2016 Pup for Sale 2016 Pup for Sale 2016 Pup for Sale 2016 Pup for Sale


2015 pup1
2015 pup3

Companion, performance, and show Shetland Sheepdog puppies available in all colors.

Inquires invited.

PaRay Shelties offers top quality puppies for sale. We are proud that our sheltie puppies, young adults and mature champions excel in all parts of our sport.

We have excellent agility puppies, conformation puppies and most importantly we have healthy, happy shelties for just plain loving! We occasionlly have small shelties, which we understand do very well in agility competitions. So, when you are looking for a special sheltie puppy to purchase, you have come to the right place.

We have bred nearly 70 Champions, also MACH titles, and a host of performance titles! We breed shelties for health and happiness first. Then, for beauty and conformation.

We breed shelties in all the colors including sables, tri's, bi blue, blue merle, bi blacks. All the colors are wonderful! PaRay stands for Healthy and Happy shetland sheepdogs. We take great pride in the quality of our shelties that we have offered to many families.

Contact Tray Pittman or Paul Flores for shelties for sale in CA - or call at 916-947-9065