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CH. PaRay's Anastasia

January 2005 - 5 Point Major
under Judge Mr. Eugene Blake

March, 2005 - Winners Bitch
under Judge Mr. Desmond Murphy


CH. PaRay's Anastasia or "Annie" as she is known at home, opened for us the new world of dog shows.  Our original goal of purchasing a female to breed and to have quality puppies was detoured from the start.  We came to understand that breeding was preceded by reaching championship status in the show ring.  Fortunately, Paul Flores and Tray Pittman took us "under their wing" and Annie commenced the show circuit.  Since Dean and I were not yet retired, we were not able to follow her progress in person.

Finally she was entered in a show nearby our home and we nervously watched her performance with cameras in hand.  We thought she was beautiful but the judge deemed her last of the entries!  We began to question if we made the right decision to show her.  The next day she was selected Best of Breed with a five point major defeating existing Champions.  The excitement was unbelievable and the bug had us infected!  She went on to finish that Spring and was bred to a beautiful male, BIS BISS CH. PaRay's Paragon ROMX, "Jake" in the Fall. 

As great as "Annie" was in the show ring, she was as good or better as a mom!.  The books we read talked about super-moms in the dog world, with clean, well-fed, happy babies.  Annie fit all the superlatives and descriptions.  We look forward to her next litter in 2009.


May, 2005 - Winners Bitch under Judge Pat Hastings


CH. PaRay's Anastasia




BIS BISS CH. PaRay's Propaganda ROM

CH. PaRay's Provocative

CH. Paw Mark's Bumin' Around

CH. Joula Paw Mark It's My Party

CH. Prancing Full of Cuddles ROMX

CH. Prancing Sir Barklie Blue

Prancing Holly De Pasquale

CH. Legend's Clare de Lune

BIS BISS Am. Eng. CH. PaRay's I Told You So ROMX

AM. CAN CH. Sterling Rumor Has It ROMX

CH. Prancing Full of Cuddles

CH. Legend's Flame Fatale

CH. Yoannewyn's Hela Va Scorcher

CH. Legend's Winter Holiday

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