Chiesas Bichons Frises
Champion Bred and Kitchen Raised

Dean and Patty Church
About Us
Chiesas Bichons Frises combines two important activities in the life of Dean and Patty Church. A trip to Italy led to the use of Chiesas (pronounced Key-ess-a which is Church in Italian) as our kennel name and our family of loveable Bichons encouraged our desire to breed excellent puppies.

Patty with "Peaches" and Dean holding "Annie" and "Penny"

Our interest and love of Bichons started several years ago as close friends introduced us to the breed and their two females. We paid attention to dog shows on TV and were pleased to see that same happy and cheerful personality were represented by the Bichons shown. With a move into the city, we knew it was time to downsize from Labs to more of a housedog. We purchased our first Bichon from an ad in the paper, not realizing that AKC could still mean “puppy mill."
After several years, we decided to start over with a female that was possible for us to breed. We purchased a very sweet puppy and through good karma met Paul Flores and Tray Pittman of PaRay Bichons Frises. They evaluated our female and indicated that she certainly had show potential and sent us home with instructions to “not” teach her to sit or wear a collar! We took "Annie" back to Paul and Tray to finish. That was accomplished in 2005. That same year we purchased another female puppy ("Penny") and so our home breeding program commenced. "Penny" finished in 2006.


"Penny's" Babies at 6 weeks


Looking back we realize how fortunate we are to have two such wonderful girls with outstanding family ties. "Annie" is a "Porter" daughter (BIS BISS CH. PaRay’s Propaganda) with her mother a daughter of "Buster" (BIS BISS CH. PaRay’s I Told You So). "Penny" is from "Ringo" (BIS CH. PaRay’s Pop Star).

Thank-you to all who have helped to guide us along the way as we continue to learn and make our contribution to improving the breed.